By: Robert Jackson Bennett

Sanica Grado and her allies have turned to their next task: sowing the seeds of a full-on magical-industrial revolution. but one of Sancia's enemies has embarked on a desperate gambit, an attempt to resurrect a figure straight out of a legend, a heirophant. And he will stop at nothing to remake the world in his horrifying image.

Auuster's Takeaway

Like it's precessor, Shorefall is a novel with a nail biting story. Following the team Sanica formed in the previous story (Bernice, Oslo and Gregor), they plan on setting their city (Tevanne) free by bringing scrivings to the masses. Their progress is stopped by more pressing matters...

The team learns of the arrival of a heirophant, essentially a scrivng god. And the team pivots to stopping the god by enlisting the help of Valeria a tool that had previously turned against the heirophant. Interestingly, both the heirophant and the tool have similar perspectives on the world, but their plans on how to solve the world problems differs slightly.

Like the previous novel, this book always keeps me on the edge and the story is rather unpredictable. The story keeps getting more and more crazy, until the entire city turns against them (spoiler alert). It is an action filled story that moves at a very good pace.

There were many twists and turns in this story. My favourite part was the discovery that the heirophant was not the father in the flashback. This changed my entire perspective of him, and consequently, the entire story.

I am very excited for the next book as the story ended with a cliff hanger. Orso managed to distract the enemy while the rest of the team escapes from Tevanne.