By: Michael Flynn

In 1349, one small town in Germany disappeared and has never been resettled. Tom, a contemporary historian, and his theoretical physicist girlfriend Sharon, become interested.

Auuster's Takeaway

This book was the first audiobook so the ‘reading’ experience took a bit of getting used to. Nonetheless, it was quite an interesting book that has two timelines. One set in the medieval period just prior to the black plaque and the second in a more modern setting. I quite enjoy these types of stories alternating between different timelines seem like a fun way to tell a story, or maybe it has the same story telling method as my favourite story: three body problem.

The medieval timeline follows Dietrich a village priest of Eifelheim. He happens on aliens and adopts them into the village. It was interesting to see how the village reacted to these aliens and, eventually, welcome them into the village. I also liked how there was a difference in culture between the aliens and humans, the contrast emphasized the empathy and religion in humans. I also do like how the author tried to keep the historical events as true as possible, a nice easter egg for historians. He did also mention all the historical inaccuracies added to propel the story.

The modern timeline was also quite enjoyable. It mainly followed Tom and Sharon a historian and physicist duo. The chemistry between the two was interesting, as their research fields are rather different. The interaction between the two is great and, in the end, the expertise of both tied up the Eifelheim mystery.

All in all, the story was great and I enjoyed the little details that the author incorporates. One thing I found intriguing was that I thought the story was third person omniscient where the story tell was not involved in the story at all. The final chapter uses the word “I” introducing the narrator as a friend of Tom and Sharon.